Am I affected by trauma?

Trauma comes in all forms.  It can be abuse, a car accident, a terrible loss or tragic life events that affect our sense of self and safety.  Trauma can also come in the form of seemingly small, everyday difficulties or troubling interactions with others that can affect our mood and the way we see the world.

The brain records information at every moment, carefully filing away the especially painful stuff as a reference for later.  This is why even strong and perfectly normal people may be affected by past events.  If you sometimes find yourself feeling sad, angry or scared just like you did in the past, even though the current situation is different, you may be affected by past trauma.

How can therapy help?

Therapy can help a person discover how past events may be affecting their present mood and interactions with others, how to minimize this impact and how to prevent future problems.  This can be done with talk therapy, cognitive-behavioral intervention, and with EMDR therapy to re-process both large and small traumas.

Information You Can Use Right Now

The following PDF is available for you to view and download right now.

Trauma: Dealing with Memories

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