Why am I anxious?

A certain amount of anxiety is natural, normal and necessary. All creatures get anxious. Anxiety serves a couple of purposes: it motivates us to do things we must do (“Uh, oh, I forgot to pay the light bill!”), and it keeps us safe (“There’s a shark! Get out of the water!”).

But some people have an uncomfortably high level of anxiety. This can be genetic, something you inherit like your eye color. It can also be learned, because when you were growing up you saw other people responding in highly anxious ways to problem situations. Or, it can be in response to a difficult event or situation that has triggered your anxiety. Panic attacks can start when you’ve had a high level of constant stress and/or anxiety for a period of time.

What can be done about it?

Therapy can be extremely helpful in learning skills to manage your anxiety more effectively. Whether you are experiencing constant discomfort, spikes of anxiety, or even panic attacks, practicing anxiety and panic-reduction skills can help you feel more in control. Learning to control irrational thinking and practicing daily meditation can also help reduce or eliminate certain anxiety symptoms.

Information You Can Use Right Now

The following two PDFs are available for you to view and download right now.

Anxiety: Panic Reducing Techniques

Anxiety: Relaxation Techniques

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